Ever feel like you have super skills?

Posted March 31, 2016 by Minx

Ever feel like you have super skills? Example, that you are stronger than you really are? Strong

Hmmm, I think the caption on this picture is only so true. Let me explain where this is going. The wolf is badass! Look at it, everything i think I represent—in my fantasy world!! 🙄

I love fantasy books because everyone is so talented and make their skills seem believable. You know what I am talking about; you read these stories and think “Heck yah! That is exactly how I would do it!” Well, I am guilty of this because for whatever reason I must think that I am in great shape despite hardly ever seeing the inside of a gym.  Exercising your mind reading a book apparently does not count.

I decided after dropping my youngest off at nursery school that I would go for a short run. Here I am feeling good, thinking that I totally got this. Get dressed up in my running gear because I am sooo a runner, right?! Listen, almost everyone who is delusional about their fitness level has more workout clothes than they need. Anyhow, I put on my music, get the ear buds in and I am off. For 30 seconds that is, then I am like hmmm, something is up….must need to ease into this. 😳

So I slow down to a jog and by jog I mean I am going so slow that I am actually picturing the proverbial old lady moving past me with the walker that has tennis balls attached. I am moving though and is that not supposed to count?? Here is my thought on that:


So I am jogging and pondering “how is this happening to me?” Then I have reality come crashing down….I was not being honest when I think of myself. How I see me (included caption because it gave credit to person in pic, not my wording):

How I feel

That is apparently fantasy me….damn my imagination! This is reality:

Funny running

How does this end? I did not meet any paramedics thank God, but my “run, jog, walk” lasted 7 whole minutes. I am soooooo awesome right? lol I am laughing at myself. I am proud of my 7 minutes because it is a start and although it was embarrassing because my neighbor up the street was watching me to make sure I did not die or that he did not indeed need to call said paramedics, I am no longer delusional about my fitness level. I have a place to build from and I need to keep going from that because I know you all would just die without me and that I need to keep blogging to keep you sustained….See I just traded one delusion for another….life is good! 😃

Ever have this kind of a day?


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