Who is the Genre Minx?

Posted March 22, 2016 by Minx

There can only be oneIt been about 1 1/2 months since I started blogging my book reviews and it has been a learning process for me. So thank you for all who have been there since the beginning. I do appreciate your presence and continued interest. I thought I would take a moment and tell you about me and why I started writing book reviews. If you are not the curious sort, then stop reading now and move on with your day. Nothing to see here….have a nice day.

First thing is first, my moniker: The Genre Minx, I created this name for myself because it is tongue in cheek explanation that I “get around with genre’s.” Plus I thought that it is interesting and would grab people’s attention. In addition I like to be anonymous.

Why be anonymous? Well for the past three years my hubby and I have been foster parents at the therapeutic level, which means we had no time for anything because our foster kiddos needed us and if not them, then their parents. Being a good foster parent is challenging. More people need to treat their foster kids like there own and love them where they are but I digress could have a whole blog just on that topic. It is very near and dear to my heart.

Anyhow, I keep things anonymous to prevent any blowback that could come from having an Internet presence…I mean nothing bad has ever come from having an Internet presence right??! Maybe that sounds weird to you but people can be petty and try to use anything when their emotions are all caught up. Besides I don’t need some mom at a PTA meeting sounding off to another mom that I read “those” kind of books. Eye roll and dramatic sigh from me. Do I care? No, but anything that could impact anyone in my household, well that does matter to me greatly.

So, moving on, two children came up for adoption and of course we jumped at the chance to become their forever family last June. We had no children of our own before that because we figured that we would just adopt some children who needed a home when the time was right. Now, I am a stay at home mom for our two amazing children and I love my life. I am so blessed. We will continue with fostering, but we may just foster to adopt until we are done growing our family. Then we will just foster again and hopefully make a difference in the lives of the children and their families. We have no saint complex, lol, we have our faults that same as everyone else but we accept ourselves as we are and try to make a difference anyway.

Which now leads to why I created this blog in the first place. We recently moved to Texas and closed our home to fostering when we moved. So I get here and life settles a little and I was feeling….unachieved. I am an achiever, I like to feel like I achieve personal goals both short-term and long-term. I have always had a job that made me feel accomplished. Then I was a foster mom and it was like a job, never the kids, but navigating the politics, dealings with the families and learning “the system” in general. I was good, all our kids thrived, we helped families. Now I am a mom and that is an awesome feeling. I am a wife to the best hubby ever and that is an awesome feeling too, but I need something that is mine and not dependent on others.

I am a firm believer that women should always have something that they have for themselves because otherwise they can get lost and try to define themselves only through their marriage or through their children but what happens if the marriage ends? What happens when the children go on to lead their adult lives? The woman is left with nothing to define her and becomes lost. It could also be that way for a man but I am chick….so you get a feminine view point. 😀

So I do the blog for me. To help keep me tethered to something that makes me feel like I accomplish goals and I am doing something just for me. 😀 Sometimes when life is so busy and I have little time for anything else, I can lose myself in a book and it recharges me and helps me disconnect from the stresses of life and just relax. Reading is my “guilty pleasure.”

Now that I have this blog, I hope to be able to do just what I am doing reading books and giving you my viewpoint on the book. Of course I hope to be successful at this, who wouldn’t want their blog to take off?? For now, to me, being successful is finding the time to read a book and write a decent review. That is how I am defining success in my crazy, beautiful, blessed adventure that I call my life. Thanks for reading!


The Genre Minx

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3 responses to “Who is the Genre Minx?

  1. Hey! Don’t be worried about using a blogging name – I use Cee Arr when I blog @ Diary of a Reading Addict because I have a relatively distinctive real name (ok, it’s not *that* distinctive, but it’s not like it’s as common as Sarah or Christine or Charlotte, or y’know, a popular name,) and knowing my luck I’ll be the one the crazy stalkers find 😉

    Plus, it does free you up to speak your mind – something I try my best to do with openness and honesty – without fear of backlash in your day-to-day life.

    I hope you’re enjoying blogging – don’t get too frustrated if things move slower than you think (I’m over a year in, and still small-but-growing,) the ones who get big are the ones who don’t give up, and stay friendly and genuine. Good luck and enjoy! 🙂

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