Mark of Blood and Alchemy by Evangeline Denmark

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Mark of Blood and Alchemy by Evangeline Denmark Mark of Blood and Alchemy (Curio #0.5) by Evangeline Denmark
Genres: Fantasy, young adult
Release Date: September 29, 2015
Publisher: Blink
Format: E-book
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Pages: 112
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In this novella prequel to Evangeline Denmark's YA fantasy novel Curio, Olan Havardsson flees a devastating plague that took his family only to be saved by a mysterious group of "magickers" with healing powers. But as he accompanies his rescuers to their alpine enclave, mysteries arise surrounding their potions and powers of alchemy. Questions mount when Olan observes a deep division forming between those who seek to defend the purity of the healing alchemical work and those who would wield it as a powerful weapon.

Olan is thrust into the midst of this dissention after he discovers he is somehow special--chosen as a guardian like the enclave's founder. As he spends time with two of his rescuers--Auriana, a clever and captivating inventor, and Alaric, a brooding young man wrestling with his father's cruel beliefs--Olan realizes he may have the power to direct the course of blood and alchemy.

Introducing readers to the fantastical world of Curio, this novella is wrapped in adventure, romance, and intrigue.


This novella did give me an understanding of how the “Defenders” came to be, it explained the extended life of the Defenders and it gave you an understanding of where the idea of the dolls came from. I found that the writing again left holes for me, that was the same issue I had with my review of “Curio.” I found my self annoyed with Olan because he is so naive, I mean like he has nooooo sense of self-preservation. ugh! If you are going to read Curio then this novella will be beneficial for you. If you read Curio and have any issues with the writing style etc, then this will fare no better with you.

About Evangeline Denmark

Author Evangeline Denmark

Evangeline Denmark cannot sing. The tragic discovery of this truth led to bouts of angst-ridden poetry writing in her teens, several ill-advised relationships with literary characters, and the compulsive creation of her own fictional worlds. Having found her true voice, Evangeline now writes fiction with hints of whimsy, glimmers of fantasy, and strokes of the supernatural.
Her debut novel, Curio, a young adult steampunk fantasy, released January 2016. She has also co-authored two children’s books, The Dragon and the Turtle and The Dragon and the Turtle Go on Safari (Waterbrook Press.)
Evangeline lives in Colorado in a house stuffed full of animals and creative people that would surely go to ruin were it not for the watchful eye of a cattle dog named Willie.

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